Climate Change Zine


Climate Change Zine

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. As we rise to that challenge, we believe it's important to provide spaces for art-driven expression and discourse to compliment tangible action. That's why we created this community-sourced Climate Change Zine — to provide a platform for our peers to express their perspectives as we confront climate change together. 

36 pages of short prose, illustration, graphic art, photography, and poetry.


Maxwell Posner    
Addie Johnson    
Ellen Shelly        
Elina Oehlert    
John Schengber    
Pat Nolan    
Kevin Sabo    
Sidney Howard 

Reid Yager    
Madison Hall        
Francis Grinnan        
Patrick Hamilton    
Zander Pellegrino    
TJ Rinoski    
Viscaya Werner    
Monica Lewis

Delia Terry    
Tiara Bidjou    
Riley Goodman      
Rosie Rudavsky     
Zac Fay    
Ross Gerhold    
Hannah Yoest    
Jeremiah Morris    

Ricardo Rodriguez    
Alexander Limarev    
Carter Hahn    
Megan Richards    
Nick Rose    

Printed on Recycled Paper in Richmond VA

Skinny Dipper Magazine 
exists to catalyze self-discovery and human connection through storytelling.

Be bold and act like we’re invited, so that when they open those velvet barriers we walk right in with a nod. Lose sleep over the music we have forgotten, and leave if there is neither beauty nor sadness. Ask questions over dinner that require pencil and paper to answer. Print. Less screens and thicker calluses. Practice our dance while doing the dishes, and stay out there late. Unbutton around corners and fall off the bike, but stay on the ground and admire the mark we made on the street. Full burritos and well-worn maps. Wonder who designs salad dressing labels because we have some ideas. Load our words into a new canon, curse traffic, and show up unannounced because we know our friends. Get a double and see it twice. Fetishisize the past and be aliens together. Find a new way home. Kick ourselves for missing, clap for caring. Go wild with our look because we aren’t there yet. Speak with the flight attendants and hope that the runway below is full so that we can circle above the clouds at golden hour. Remember Ivan Ilyich and the favorite books of our friends. Tug hard on the tension between absolute narcissism and crippling self-doubt and find your dream in the middle. Push through and search abroad to see if this is there too. Go simple, go solo, go now. The world or nothing. Because if just one piece of this works, then this is forever.